Award Winning Designs

From beginning to end, our in-house creative and production team can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. We specialize in creating high impact designs filled with the optimal marketing pieces for your specific product.






Commonly referred to as a store-in-a-store, these displays provide shoppers with access to your brand like never before. That is, they are given the chance to touch and learn about your brand so that they can make an intelligent purchase.


Using thorough research, budget conscious engineering, and creative design, OSI is able to craft the optimal permanent display and fixture for your unique retail location. We will also make and install the fixtures so you won’t have to hire someone else to do it.


When integrated into your POS system, these displays are an excellent way to increase customer engagement as well as opportunities to make sales.


These displays are perfect for use at retail stores where your brand sells out fast. We will use our decades of experience to provide you with a durable, easily disposable, eco-friendly, and affordable solution that will wow your demographic.



Using a photo-realistic simulation, OSI creative is proud to provide your with accurate and understandable concept images of your designs, that actually resemble the finished product. Never again will you need to look at a sketch or drawing and wonder where the design went when you view the finished product. OSI is a leader when it comes to product design and creating solid base concepts is a key element to those designs.


OSI has an interactive design stage where the drawings and sketches, now refined to your specifications, are ready to be presented for feedback, ensuring that your final design ideas are visible, that the project is on target and to give OSI the opportunity to create modifications if necessary.


OSI has the distinct ability to present you with a full-color, formal display concept to scale, to be reviewed, filled with your merchandise and tested thoroughly until you are satisfied. We look forward to earning your approval.

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